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The newsletter is published monthly (except July and August).

To submit an article or notice to the newsletter please contact:

In 2008, the newsletter name was changed to "The Nova Scotia Post" in honour of the book of that name written by Dr. J. J. MacDonald, a long time member of the Club.

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Volume 47 (2017 - 18) Volume 46 (2016 - 17)
No.1, Issue 460 September 2017 No.1, Issue 451 September 2016

No.2, Issue 461 October 2017

No.2, Issue 452 October 2016
No.3, Issue 462 November 2017 No.3, Issue 453November 2016
No.4, Issue 463 December 2017 No.4, Issue 454 December 2016
No.5, Issue 464 January 2018 No.5, Issue 455January 2017
No.6, Issue 465 February 2018 No.6, Issue 456 February 2017
No.7, Issue 466 March 2018 No.7, Issue 457 March 2017
No.8, Issue 467 April 2018 No.8, Issue 458 April 2017
No.9, Issue 468 May 2018 No.9, Issue 459 May/June 2017
No.10, Issue 469 June 2018  

We have most back issues available in a PDF format and are creating a digital archive of all the newsletters since the 1960s when the current Newsletter was started.  It is the intention to then create an index of the articles to front the archive and also offer it here.  The project is somewhat stalled but all newsletters except from 1990 to 2002 have been scanned. Please watch this site for updates and availability of back issues and indices..


The newsletter has won several awards.  The most recent was a Silver-Bronze award at the C7NPLE, Toronto, October 2005.



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